Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vale Barry Hebbard

The Friends of Lillico Penguins have been deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Barry Hebbard on 28 August 2011.

Barry was a founder member of the Friends and remained involved in the group’s activities to the end. Over 20 years he never missed a season as a volunteer guide at the viewing platform at Lillico and for the last few years was on duty two nights a week. He was a familiar figure to regular visitors to Lillico and was always keen to help protect the Little Penguins and educate the public.

Barry was President of the Friends for several years and he was widely respected for his knowledge of Little Penguins and other seabirds. Many of the current volunteers at Lillico owe their involvement to Barry’s encouragement and inspiration.

Barry was also a passionate advocate for the protection of the short-tailed shearwater. He looked forward every year to the shearwaters’ return to Lillico in September, after their marathon flight from the Bering Sea, and in the autumn he worked closely with the Parks and Wildlife Service to protect their chicks
from poachers. Barry’s interest in conservation ranged widely and he never hesitated to lobby for change where he felt injustice needed overturning.

Barry will be sadly missed by many people. For the Friends of Lillico Penguins, his passing has left a huge void but we hope to honour his memory by keeping up his high standards of service and dedication to the conservation of nature.

So long, farewell..... and thank you

Patricia Ellison
For the Friends of Lillico Penguins