Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keeping Statistics

If you volunteer on the platform and like to enter your night's sightings electronically you can do that using the online from [here]. If you look in the right column you will also see a link there.

The advantage is that it doesn't require anyone to enter the data into spreadsheets seperately and so no extra errors are created.

It is still advisable to fill in the log at the platform so that the guides in the following week have an indication of how many penguins and visitors to expect and when.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AGM 2010

Beach and platform inspection by the experts over winter!

The FOLP executive met tonight for their AGM! The happy crowd gathered and discussed the various issues. Of main interest to most of us were the following;

We are starting the 2010/11 roster next week! We need volunteers, so please email or call Pat direct on 6428-2062. Remember that there are some benefits to being a regular volunteer, such as reduced rates for the National Parks membership.

Sonya has compiled a wonderful information booklet on the Fairy/Little/Blue Penguins which FOLP is financing her to print off and put in a folder for all volunteers to help educate them.

Walter and Pat have finalised and ordered 1000 postcards to help volunteers reach other volunteers and to point to this website.

Walter has completed the statistics from 2003 to last penguin-guiding season, and if anyone needs any information regarding number of tourists, sighted penguins etc, please contact He has also completed this website and set up some email aliases (emails that plainly come direct to your inbox). Contact Walter if you want one too.

July's working bee was a success but more weed control needs to be done, as work on the beach access steps.

Penguin Data

Every time we volunteer we fill in a small form to record how many tourists/guides and penguins we saw plus some other information. Unfortunately not everybody thinks that data is that important to collect and unfortunately not everyone fills it in. We are trying to make the forms as easy as possible and encourage all volunteers to clearly record the night's statistics. If you are interested in some of these statistics email